I Need Analytics Training. Where Do I Start?

If you put yourself in the mind of the typical Filipino professional looking for analytics training, it is not easy to figure out where to start.

The ecosystem is not very unified, with a hodge podge of public training solutions available and only dozen or so schools offering analytics.

To someone who is relatively new to using big data to solve business problems, it can all seem very nosebleed inducing as well. Data science, predictive analytics and machine learning can all sound complicated and expensive.

So where do I start? That is a very common question I get asked when I talk about analytics in the Philippines.

The answer comes in three parts. First we need a framework to set certain standards and definitions of what a Data Science and Analytics enabled professional should know.

We base that on the set of 10 DSA competencies as defined by APEC’s Project DARE,


(Props to my fellow AAP board member Sherwin Pelayo for the awesome images)

Since few people need to know everything about everything, it is best to figure out which competencies you want to focus on first.

Once you have an idea of where to start, then the next step is determine what kinds of job skills match the competencies you are looking to develop.

This can be done by determining where in the data life cycle you are looking have an impact,


Once you have a firm idea of the skills you want to build and where they fit into the analytics life cycle of your business, then it is a matter of planning out how to level up.

This is where the AAP has take APEC’s competency list  and broken then out across the various job functions along the analytics life cycle by level of skills required.


This allows us the ability to determine where we are in terms of analytics maturity and design the appropriate plan to level up.

And that will lead you to one of the AAP member companies for the appropriate type of corporate training or to one of the AAP member schools for the right higher education solutions.

AAP Logo Option Vertical

And that is how you can get a better idea of what type of analytics training is best for you and your business to get started with.

Analytics Leadership – DMAIPH is a founding member of the Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP.PH) and specializes in arming the Data-Driven Leader with the tools and techniques they need to build and empower an analytics centric organization. Analytics leadership requires a mastery of not just analytics skill, but also of nurturing an analytics culture. We have guided thousands of Filipino professionals to become better analytics leaders.

Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to discuss a uniquely tailored strategy to ensure you are the top of your game when it comes to Analytics Leadership.




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