Signs of Change

There are a so many signs, yet so few people seem to see them. Maybe they just don’t want to, but they are pretty hard to miss. We have been here before. As a historian, I know that most Americans have always turned a blind eye to the events of the world and spent their time worrying about their own lot in life. However for the past 100 years, we’ve been able to plow ahead without regard to those around us. Our industrial might, our ability to build and produce led us out of the Great Depression and to victory in both World Wars. Our ability to innovate and manufacture moved us beyond the Cold War and to the Moon. There have been thousands of Cassandras throughout this time, proclaiming the our shortsightedness as a nation and the end was near. Greece, Rome, the Ming, the Aztecs, England, the lessons go on about empires that crumbled and fell. There are countless books and articles about the pending fall of the United States. So now I’ll add my own observations to the mix.

I love this country and all it stands for. I still believe we are a force for good in this world and our kids still have a bright future ahead of them.  However, if we don’t learn from previous mistakes we are doomed to repeat them again. Combine this with new threats, a more interdependent economic landscape and the omnipresent realities of a shirking globe and we have a challenge on our hands greater than that of Hitler or Soviet nukes. This is what I’ll write about. I’m going to share with you my insights and opinions on things that we as American need to take note of to be more educated and better prepared as we navigate the increasingly chaotic path ahead of us. And for my friends, family and colleagues abroad, this will help you understand the mind and motivation of many Americans.


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