This was one of those moments I really started to think how globally focused the future is…

Flashback to February 2012…


One of the most insightful and powerful pieces of journalism I’ve come across in sometime. In a nutshell, the article outlined how close to impossible it would be for Apple to manufacture iPhones completely in the United States. Starting with a question of Steve Jobs by President Obama, the article details how each phase of the manufacturing process is out of reach of the current state of American manufacturing capabilities. And its not just the labor, it’s also the lack of engineers and the Asian centric materials supply chain and the lack of flexibility of American labor. Read the article. Its an amazing piece of work and a should serve as a huge wake up call to each and every one of us.
Four years later, yeah it is. But also the innovative minds of this country are starting to figure it out and it seems the tides have turned to bring back and insource somethings as well.

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