Upcoming Analytics Trainings in Metro Manila! Learn from an Expert!


Per Wikipedia, the definition of analytics is simply the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

While most people have an idea of what Analytics is: data, analysis, metrics, and business intelligence are just the start… it is an abstract concept that is difficult to summarize in a sentence or two.Most business leaders know that they need more analytics based decision making in their operations, however few have figured out how to obtain it as analytics software or engaging high priced consultants doesn’t suffice.

This is where DMAI comes in. Having spent 15 years as an analyst with Wells Fargo Bank, our CEO gets analytics. We have combined that practical experience with an educational background, and developed an innovative training approach to analytics.

Upcoming Training Batches:What Analytics Can Do!

• April 13th, Social Media Analytics, Mandaluyong

• April 19th-20th, Analytics for HR Professionals, Makati

• April 26th-27th, Recruitment Analytics, Mandaluyong

• April 29th-30th, An Introduction to Analytics for Fresh Grads, Pasay

• May 10th,  Analytics for Analysts and IT, Makati

• May 18th, Recruitment Analytics, Makati

• May 20th-21st, An Introduction to Analytics for Fresh Grads, Pasay

• May 24th-25th, Analytics for Analysts and IT, Mandaluyong

This approach is more about empowering analytical thinking then it is teaching a technological skill. We have found that being able to harness the power of analytics is as much an art as it is a science. In the end, analytics is about three things; finding data, analyzing it and communicating the results.

The base cost is 3000 PHP per person a day with snacks, lunch, and resource guide included. Two-day classes may have a different fee. Discounts are available for students and early enrollment.

 You can deposit your payment via BDO

 Account name – Daniel W Meyer

 Account number – 4288014700

 After paying the fee; scan the deposit slip and send it to danmeyer@dmaiph.com

Businesses that use analytics are 33% for profitable and 10x more efficient.

To learn more about my approach to empowering data-driven decision making, feel free to contact me directly@ 09157759578 or danmeyer@dmaiph.com or you can view our YouTube video to see more >>> http://youtu.be/yEg9plU7pwA

What Analytics Can Do!


DMAI – Decision Making, Analytics & Intelligence


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