3 Great Tips for Blog Writing!

Sharing this really useful article from a blog I follow…


How To Write Articles For Blogs

A big mistake that most bloggers make when writing articles is having big blocks of text, Aka, massive paragraphs.

Having big blocks of text, aka massive paragraphs, makes it hard for the reader to read and it discourages people from reading your content.

Because here’s the deal…

When viewers see massive paragraphs, they tend to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information they will have to consume… and most of the time people will choose to not read it all or just skim through the article…

…rather than investing the time to actually read it.

And on top of that, with massive blocks of text, people will make the decision right then and there whether to read your article, just by looking at the structure of the post.

Just take a look with how my article is set up… is this starting to make sense?

Have you ever looked at someone else’s blog post and just by the way it looked… it made you make a conscious decision not to read it?

Think about it.

Size 14 Font Is The New 12.

see link to continue: How To Write Articles For Blogs



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