The 3 Parts of Me: BPO Elite, DMAIPH and Sonic Analytics

A little about me. I oversee three small companies that specialize in analytics. I am not actively trying to sell you my services, but do hope that if you ever have a need for tailor made analytics solutions, you remember me.

BPO Elite is a consulting business that matches up companies in the U.S. with talent in the Philippines to do a variety of basic analytics and back office work. We DO NOT deal with companies looking just to send jobs overseas, focusing only on partners who need to add flexibility and depth to the talent pool. We have helped over a dozen companies find the right solution for their business to date.

DMAIPH is a company designed to deliver analytics training and support to colleges and universities looking to add more analytics centric courses and materials to their curriculum. To date, I have consulted with over a dozen of the top schools in the Philippines as well as working with student interns from UC Berkley, San Diego State and Diablo Valley College. My interns have helped a number of small business with basic analytics projects. I also blog about my love for analytics and how I teach it.

Sonic Analytics is a training business that focuses on corporate trainings in analytics related topics. Based on my experience as a senior analytics consultant with Wells Fargo Bank and in teaching analytics to college students in both the U.S. and the Philippines, I have come up with a very effective way to help professionals get a better handle on the analytics culture in their business. I have delivered trainings to thousands of people over the past few years, helping them learn how to make more data-driven decisions.


Each company represents one of the key components of my dream to bring better analytics to as many businesses as possible.