Q19: How would you describe your approach to teaching analytics?


That’s a great question. I have both a simple answer and a more complex one.

The simple answer is my approach to teaching analytics is all about empowerment.

The keys to being a good analyst are most likely already in you. You just need to find ways to unlock, upgrade and unleash your curiosity and focus it towards making more data-driven decisions.

Learning how to use data across a business to improve things is something everyone can benefit from. So that is where I start.

A more complex answer is that I develop each training to fit the needs of a particular audience. Every organization approaches analytics differently so its nearly impossible to use a single way to talk about analytics. In addition, each person in an organization has different backgrounds and different needs, so a one solution fits all approach doesn’t work.

This open-minded and flexible approach to the subject matter is the same way I approach any challenge. Assess the need, develop a relevant solution, apply the solution and refine and adapt as need be.

Honestly, my approach is fairly unique because I take my formal education as a teacher, mix it with my 15 years of practical experience and offer a training solution that is both engaging and enchanting.


So what does that all mean when it comes to actually being on the stage or in front of a classroom?

I have found the following things to be true when it come to talking about analytics:

  • Knowing the audience. What do they need to get from where they are to where they want to be.
  • Asking participants questions directly. Breaking into small group exercises to see the interactions. Having lots of questions in my slides.
  • Real World Exercises. I change the exercise we do based on the make-up of the group. It is much more impactful to solve problems that they can relate too.
  • Too Much Content. Going against conventional wisdom, I pack a lot in. I am not trying to make sure everyone can memorize my slides. I am trying to bring out their curiosity and let them take way what they need to bring the curiosity back to the office with them.
  • Lots of Visuals. Even when I pack a slide with text, I tie it to an image that sticks. People remember the image, then the content will come back to them.
  • Speak with Passion. Another change from conventional wisdom. I talk fast. I jump from topic to topic a lot. I move around the room. Its all because Im speaking with passion. Its contagious and keeps things moving at a fast pace.
  • New Content. I am always tweaking things. My presentations are never exactly the same, because every day there is something new to talk about.

So there you go. Some of why and how I have developed my approach to teaching analytics. I’m always looking for disciples if you want to learn from a man crazy about analytics.


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