Sharing My Analytics Story

Sometimes I get asked to share my analytics story. It’s pretty awesome when that happens.

I’ve have gotten so accustomed to talking about my analytics story that I do speaking engagements, public training seminars and write this blog. Talking about analytics and sharing how I have and do use data to facilitate data-driven decision-making is my favorite thing to do.

A lot of people would like to share their analytics story, but they never feel like they are in the right place to do so.

Some are not confident enough in what they are doing and afraid of looking like they don’t know what they are doing. Well, when it comes to analytics most of us don’t always know what they are doing… the whole point of analytics is discovery and looking outside the box.


Other people chose not to share their analytics stories because they don’t have a complete understanding of analytics in general. They know their niche, whatever they are in charge of back at the office. But they are not part of the bigger data picture in their company.

I have also find that others don’t share their analytics stories because they think what they are doing is to simple or not relevant to a broader conversation. Well, hardly anyone does the same thing as someone else when it comes to working with data. How we use data in our jobs is a individual as how we dress in the morning.

SO, when I speak, or present or write, I do my best to get others to participate. I love to learn about what challenges people are having and help them come up with solutions. A lot of analytics trainings are follow this method or use this technology, but few actually solve any problems. They give you tools but no instructions on how to use them in context of your own data environment.

I have found that the best way to build better reports is to talk about them. The quickest way to build engagement for more analytics is to talk about how to use analytics.

It’s all about taking the data in your head and constructing engaging conversations. That’s why in every opportunity I have to talk about analytics, I finish talking about how to market your analysis and how to make it enchanting to your audience.

I’ll be doing a training in Ortigas this coming June 15 and a seminar on June 22. If you are interested in sharing your story and coming up with some solutions to your data challenges, I’d be happy to see you there.


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