Why I Go Left At The Crossroads

What do you do when you are feeling lost and at a cross roads?

Do you turn left? Its the unknown road less traveled.

Do you turn right? Its the way most people will chose when they chose to change.

Do you go back? Its safer being where you know where you are then when you don’t.

Do you go straight? Its easy to keep going ahead and hoping things work out for the best.

When faced with this, what do you do?

Do you look at your data?

Do you find new data?

Do you just ask a friend for advice?

Do you go with your gut?

I’m not one to just ask for advice because that usually I get play it safe and go back.

If I were to just trust my gut it would steer me to the right.

In my current situation the data says, stay the course.

But when adding some new, recent data it says turn left.

So to the left we go.


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