Quick Analytics Career Question

Greetings to You My Valued LinkedIn Connection,

I was talking with a young professional just getting started in his analytics career. During our conversation we discussed what is most important to being a great analyst. With that in mind, I’d ask you to share your thoughts.

In your opinion, of the following ways to learn about analytics, which one has been the most important in your career path?

  • Formal Education – A degree or certificate in an analytics related field.
  • Self-Learning – Using trial and error and online resources.
  • Subject Matter Experts – Being trained/mentored by an expert.
  • Seminars/Workshops – Attending events to acquire new knowledge.
  • Technical Training – Attend training on specific technical areas.

Thanks for sharing. As always I will roll up all the replies I get and blog about it.

Dan Meyer, Analytics Champion, http://www.dmaiph.com


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