How is Buisness Analytics Used in the Philippines?

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And it is a very good question.

Analytics in the Philippines is something that I have spent the past 6 years trying to champion.

We have come a long way, from where hardly anyone really knew what analytics meant to a time where just about every business is trying to get more analytics in it.

By far the most common use of analytics is management reporting. It’s not uncommon for the Philippines to follow trends in American by 10 years or so.. and this is true when it comes to analytics.


10 years ago I was a business analyst and we were pretty uncommon outside corporate America. But in the time since then we have seen an explosion in analytics jobs and now in data science jobs.

The past year we are seeing that trend here in the Philippines.

There are some great business analysts here in the Philippines who do some pretty amazing things with business intelligence tools. But they are mostly limited to descriptive analytics.

The number of Filipinos who can do advanced analytics like building models and predictive analytics are few and far between.

So as of now, most business analytics focuses on reports. Occasionally I see some amazing data  visualizations or complex predictive models, but they are still by far the exception to the norm.

In the coming months you will see more and more trainings and courses built around more advanced types of analytics, but I have to wonder if its almost too little too late.

Time will tell.

Analytics in the Philippines – The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics. Blessed with a solid foundation of young, educated and English speaking workforce, companies around the world are look for Filipino analytics talent to fill analytics positions.

DMAIPH was set up to facilitate these solutions and bring the talent and the business together. And that is exactly why I wrote Putting Your Data to Work, the first analytics guidebook designed specifically for the Philippines. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can help you take advantage of this unique global opportunity.




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