The Analytics Puzzle for Higher Education in the Philippines

When you look at the picture on the box of puzzle pieces, you generally think it won’t be so hard to fit all the pieces together. But then when you lay out all the pieces and connect them one by one it can often feel like a sense of this is a lot harder then I thought.

In many way, that’s how I feel about efforts to date regarding the teaching of Data Science and Analytics in the Philippines. The end product is clear, just about all the 2,000+ HIEs across the Philippines offering some level of DSA education to a wide range of students.

Everyone agrees that we need more education to meet both the high current demand and the expected huge future demand for DSA talent for both domestic and global consumption. We have seen a lot of awesome initiatives popping up trying to train educators to teach DSA subjects and have seen a number of industry-academe partnerships. CHED has even set aside significant resources to promote the training of faculty and the incentive to offer DSA programs.

So things are going well, but when you look at the simple math of how many educators need to be training in the very near future, some like me get a little concerned. Current programs train a few dozen here and maybe a few hundred there, bit by bit. But if you need thousands then current efforts are just going to come up short.

What we need is a unified front. Bringing together all the interested parties, many of whom are already working on this issue, is the only way to get to critical mass. By my estimation we should be looking at training 5,000 educators in the next 3 years. And a one week overview is just the start. To really become adept at teaching DSA, educators need an apprenticeship that lasts months to really learn the tools of the trade like data storytelling, business intelligence and predictive analytics.

And that is just the faculty… when you think about the 100,000s of students who need to taught DSA, you start to see that this puzzle is gonna take a lot more effort to complete then it may have looked like at first.

So thats where I am at now… both evangelizing and empowering. Raising awareness of what the puzzle looks like when solved and why we need to solve. And empowering to build collaborations to connect the pieces faster then each puzzle expert can work on their own.

And that is exactly why I started Augment BPO.


Augment BPO. The Augment BPO Data Science and Analytics Advocacy Project (Augment BPO) is empowering BPO Companies, Executives, and Workers in the Philippines to prepare for and address the clear and present danger posed by Artificial Intelligence Chatbots (AI Chatbots) to BPO revenue growth and jobs through Data Science and Analytics strategy planning, awareness building and upskill training.


DMAIPH Analytics Education – Facilitating a mastery of the fundamentals of analytics is what DMAIPH does best. As a key parnter of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Project DARE initative, DMAIPH champions the use of using data. All across the world, companies are scrambling to hire analytics talent to optimize the big data they have in their businesses. We can empower students and their instructors with the knowledge they need to prepare for careers in data science and analytics. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can set a guest lecturer date, On-the-Job Training experience or other analytics education solution specifically tailored to your needs.


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