Hunting For Those Missing Elements – Massive Analytics Upskilling

One of the best things about bringing new people on board is that you tend to get pretty insightful feedback.

Let me show you why I really value a fresh pair of eyes as I try and lead my team of analysts in our advocacy to conduct massive upskill training in the Philippines.

Thanks to Ludz Pridas, a new business analyst on the AAP Analytics Team, for creating most of the content below.

On one hand it’s refreshing to know that all of these observations are things we are actively working on. On the other, it can be little frustrating that we haven’t worked them all out yet to a point where the whole team see the big picture.

So that is my first missing element I need to focus on, upping the level of internal communication. Not easy with a team that works virtually a lot. We use Trello, that helps. We have monthly strategy meetings, but probably need to have them a little more frequently.

Another “missing element for us to do a massive training is the opportunity for advancement, a llack of advances towards other training”… the ecosystems is very fragmented. As the number of training options and academic programs focused on analytics grows, so does the difficulty for someone looking to upskill.

Unification of the ecosystem is a top priority of the AAP as we set up partnership agreements with various other organizations. Advocating for standards built around the APEC Data Science & Analytics Core Competencies Map helps. But we need to do a lot of networking and storytelling to build a successful framework for someone to easily determine which upskill option is the right one for them.

We also have to both make things simpler and add more complexity. It is even harder to pull this off then it sounds. Most people looking for analytics training are pretty new to many of the concepts used by cutting edge analytics teams. And a lot of people needing the training simply aren’t numbers people. So we need to keep things fairly layman.

At the same time we need to use the framework to help people easily level up and progress. That cant all be done in person. So online tools will be essential, and there are a lot in the works. Also additional resources for self-guided learning need to be developed and shared.

And the final point that Ludz pointed out to me is “the lack of trainers to teach analytics, to guide the audience beyond our standard 2 days of fundamentals. It’s just not enough to learn all the stuff about analytics quickly.”

Yes, that is why we are gonna do a run of the Train the Trainer in Bacolod in Feb and are working to set up a fun of Train the HR Trainer early in 2018, and another run of Train the Trainer in Davao in April. A large part of my time this coming year will be spent growing the numbers of experts.

By my calculations, to train 500,000 Filipinos by the end of 2022, we will need about 10,000 experts to conduct various types of training.

As I said at the top, these are things we know. We just need to get better at talking about them to a point where everyone involved gets it. That’s who advocacies from one man shouting in the wilderness, to a society of learners working together to optimize the use of data across the county.

Interested in helping the AAP achieved our analytics moonshot? I hope so because it gonna take all of us.

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