Training Analysts: And The Tasks Keep Getting Bigger

Wrote this over two years ago… its still relevant!

When I first came to the Philippines in 2012 to set up an analytics training business I was ahead of my time. No one was really talking about analytics and most people didnt really get what I was trying to do.

I saw  a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of a shift in services that would propel the Philippines forward as a place where analytics outsourcing would be successful.

After a few years of doing seminars, speaking engagements and training manily to build awareness, things are really start pick up steam.

Attendance is way up in our public training offerings, I am getting invited to more and more schools and companies are starting to really look for analytics training to both enhance their own decision-making as well as exploring offering analytics as a service.

This goes hand in hand with a memo by CHED (Commission on Higher Education) published two years ago that schools are now trying to figure out how to implement.

I have worked with a few schools already by doing a one day overview of how to meet some of the course objectives outlined in this memo, and now I am looking to expand that to a five day training. Here is what it might look like.


This five day training will need to be eventually expanded into a semester/trimester long class.

Which is precisely what I had in mind when I did my very first Introduction to Analyitics training back in May 2012.

And now that dozens of schools need this, so my tasks keep getting bigger. I couldn’t be happier.


Analytics Education – Facilitating a mastery of the fundamentals of analytics is what DMAIPH does best. As a key parnter of the Data Science Philippines Meetup Group, DMAIPH champions the use of using data. All across the world, companies are scrambling to hire analytics talent to optimize the big data they have in their businesses. We can empower students and their instructors with the knowledge they need to prepare for careers in analytics. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can set a guest lecturer date, On-the-Job Training experience or other analytics education solution specifically tailored to your needs.


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