Perhaps The Most Awesome Thanks For Saying Thanks Ever?

So I filled out (not up) a survey I got via e-mail from PAL.

My recent flight from Manila was pretty uneventful except that for breakfast by the time the flight attendant pushed the cart to my row, they were out of corned beef. I was already dreaming of the In-N-Out Double Double awaiting me, so it was no big deal.

I told the flight attendant that its ok, I’ll pass on the fish and just wait a few hours until landing. But she went and found me an extra corned beef anyway. Nothing special, but she didnt have to do that and she did. Pamela went above and beyond and it stuck in my mind well enough, that when I got the email survey from PAL. I made note of it.

And then I got back perhaps the nicest, warmest, most sincere thanks for filling out the survey I think I have ever seen. It might be a canned message, but is sure seems like it comes from a genuine need to keep the customer happy.

I wish more companies valued their customers the way PAL just made me feel valued.


“Dear Mr. Meyer,

Thank you for sharing your recent experience with us.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude for your appreciation of our service. Surely, you will agree that for us, it may just all be a part of the day’s work, but the good impression you have elicited from this experience will definitely last for more than just a day. Your kind words serve as an inspiration for us to consistently provide you, our guest, with excellent service.

Mr. Meyer, we wish to reiterate our heartfelt gratitude to you for your valued support and patronage of Philippine Airlines. We remain committed to provide only the best in passenger care and it is our fervent hope to be of service to you again, onboard our flights, soon.


Customer Relations Office

Philippine Airlines”

It made my day.


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