The Four P’s of Marketing for Analytics Training

I get asked a lot about how I apply the 4 P’s of Marketing to my analytics training business.

The 4 P’s (Product, Place, Price, Promotion) of marketing are the foundation of our marketing efforts which have made DMAIPH and Dan Meyer, name brands in the analytics space within the Philippines.


Our product is analytics training. That in itself is not easy to market.

Over the past few years it has gotten easier as analytics has entered the mainstream consciousness of Filipino businesses. Still, given the propensity for the subject matter to cause nose bleeds among non-data geeks it takes a lot of effort and foresight to be successful.


Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics and HR/Recruitment Analytics are our primary types of training. Our training is for students, for analysts, for professionals using analytics and for decision-makers. Each type and audience taking distinct approaches to market.

Our product is unique in that no one else in the Philippines approaches analytics trainings like I do. Most analytics training is highly technical and narrowly focused on using a certain method or tool. My method is much more universal and focuses on unlocking the analyst inside the participant so they can select the appropriate methodology and/or tool needed for the analytics project at hand.

DMAIPH analytics training in the Philippines is what we do, and are very, very good at it.


Our place is generally in Metro Manila, specifically Ortigas. Most of our trainings are conducted in hotel function rooms or business conference rooms. I have trained groups as small as 4 and as many as 80. However, the size and location though, our place is getting into the minds of the audience to educate, enable and empower the use of data in decision-making.

We have done trainings outside Metro Manila, anywhere in the Philippines is possible. I have also adapted my training for speaking engagements at conferences and workshops, as part of analytics expert panels and in college class rooms.

DMAIPH analytics training can happen just about anywhere, for any audience of any scope or level of knowledge. Our flexibility allows us to go to any place to train people to use analytics.


Our price is now about 6,000 PHP a head per training. That is right in the middle of the market. There are more expensive ones that offer certain technical perks, but when it comes to a generalist approach to analytics we are the best bang for your buck.

We constantly look at competitors to make sure we set our price accordingly. The market dictates our price given the plethora of training options out there available to potential customers.

We also base venue, scope and size of each training on certain revenue targets to make sure we optimize our time and investment to assure handsome profits.

DMAIPH’s pricing is above all else fair. Our goal is to charge a competitive price that reflects the wide range of choices our customers have to get training on analytics topics.


We promote on Facebook, via LinkedIn and using e-mail marketing. We also use the book and marketing visuals like tarpaulins and flyers at job fairs and business conferences.

We make great use of selling our brand, which is built on my experience of 20 years doing analytics and reputation of being one of the top minds in analytics in the Philippines.

DMAIPH stands for quality analytics training based on real world insights and cutting edge techniques delivered in an easy to understand way.

Adding key metrics to the 4 P’s of your organization’s marketing strategy is something DMAIPH can help you with.

Business Strategy with Analytics – Aligning a business strategy to drive an organization forward requires a robust analytics solution. Businesses who have good analytics tend to be much more profitable and efficient then ones that do not. DMAIPH has helped dozens of companies in both the U.S. and the Philippines with adding more data analysis in their business strategy. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to find out what we can do to help you align your business strategy with analytics. 


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