Filipino Analytics Talent Demand Awesome Salaries

It’s really hard to get an accurate reading on just where is the market is right now in regards to the salaries for analytics talent in the Philippines.

According to Glassdoor here are some average salary range numbers for several in-demand positions:

  • Business Analyst (with 5+ year’s experience): 30-40,000 PHP a month
  • Data Analyst (1+ year’s experience ) 23-27,000 PHP a month
  • Data Scientist (with Graduate level degree) 58-70,000 PHP a month

Those are just averages, in reality I think they are on the low end of what’s being offered right now.

One thing is for sure, the current demand far outweighs the supply.

Just looking at you can get a feel for that demand.

  • Business Analyst pulls back 1,090 jobs in the Philippines.
  • Data Analyst another 822.
  • Data Science brings back 999.

Sure there is some overlap, but if you add all the unique jobs up its well over 2,000.

I belong to a meet up group for data science in the Philippines with 2,000 members.

That’s an open job for each of us… and pretty much all of us already have data geek jobs already.

In the near term expect salaries to continue to shoot up.

As nationalism and automation begin to impact customer facing jobs, more back office work like analytics and data science will grow in importance for the BPO sector.

Recently I’ve been hearing stories of Filipinos landing 100K a month jobs in data science. And good analysts are not far behind, being awarded salaries well over 50K a month.

It’s a buyers market if you have data geek skills right now. If you don’t., the time to get them is right now.


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