Filipino Analytics Talent Demand Awesome Salaries

It’s really hard to get an accurate reading on just where is the market is right now in regards to the salaries for analytics talent in the Philippines.

According to Glassdoor here are some average salary range numbers for several in-demand positions:

  • Business Analyst (with 5+ year’s experience): 30-40,000 PHP a month
  • Data Analyst (1+ year’s experience ) 23-27,000 PHP a month
  • Data Scientist (with Graduate level degree) 58-70,000 PHP a month

Those are just averages, in reality I think they are on the low end of what’s being offered right now.

One thing is for sure, the current demand far outweighs the supply.

Just looking at you can get a feel for that demand.

  • Business Analyst pulls back 1,090 jobs in the Philippines.
  • Data Analyst another 822.
  • Data Science brings back 999.

Sure there is some overlap, but if you add all the unique jobs up its well over 2,000.

I belong to a meet up group for data science in the Philippines with 2,000 members.

That’s an open job for each of us… and pretty much all of us already have data geek jobs already.

In the near term expect salaries to continue to shoot up.

As nationalism and automation begin to impact customer facing jobs, more back office work like analytics and data science will grow in importance for the BPO sector.

Recently I’ve been hearing stories of Filipinos landing 100K a month jobs in data science. And good analysts are not far behind, being awarded salaries well over 50K a month.

It’s a buyers market if you have data geek skills right now. If you don’t., the time to get them is right now.


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Analytics Ain’t Cheap, Nor Should It Be!

Garbage In, Garbage Out is a common phrase I hear a lot when people talk about bad analytics.

Dirty, unstructured, error-filled, and/or inaccurate data is the bane of any good analyst.

SO when I saw a friends post asking about how to explain to a potential client that basically wanted an analytics solution done on the cheap, I suggested he not pursue that client.

If  you are creative and have the ability to be innovative with solutions, you can have good analytics that are affordable.

There are a number of BI tools out there that have free versions. You can do a lot of pretty awesome stuff in excel. So technology doesn’t have to be a factor.

You can also send people to reasonably priced training programs or have them self learn using online resources. That can save money.

But when it comes to the people. You get what you pay for. And if you want to go cheap on compensation for analytics professionals you will pretty much guarantee a bad outcome.


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Q7: What exactly is data science and why the rapid rise of data scientists?

A year ago I might have found it challenging to really answer this question. The first time I had heard of the term data science and a data scientist wasn’t that long ago. And I have been doing some pretty advanced analytics for close to 20 years now.  I know the term has been around in academic and research circles awhile longer, but 2014 is the first time I ever saw a job posting for data scientist in big business.

So what is data science? Besides simply being the study of data, it generally refers to using complex models, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics and powerful technology to analyze business data in much greater volume, velocity and variety then possible a few years ago.

And of course the ones charged with doing the data science are data scientists. They understand math, statistics, and theories that can be applied to business data using new technologies and methodologies.

The biggest challenge to being a true data scientist is that you have to be adapt at both technology and working with people. Being a business data expert, knowing how to code and doing higher math are only half the job. You have to also share your data, communicate it in ways that drive action, share and engage with non-data centric people. It’s hard to find people who are good at both.


Image from Forbes Magazine. 

In addition, whole some data scientists are educated to be data scientists, very, very few actually have any kind of degree in data science. That kind of degree really didn’t exist until very recently. Instead most data scientists have advanced degrees is related subjects and have migrated into the business world do to market demand.

That demand has been growing at a staggering rate the past few years as every day we generate more and more data across the planet. President Obama first employed a data scientist for his campaign in 2012. The White House now has a chief data scientist position.

If you were to compare results from job board searches form 2012, you’d see maybe 100 data scientist job postings. Now its easily in the 1000’s.  So that’s why the job market for data scientist is one of the hottest around.  Lack of training programs, having both tech and people skills, and the booming demand due to unending new data to being analyzed.

Some people ask me if I’m a data scientist I am careful with my answer. True data science is not something I am academically prepared for nor I have never published anything in a scholarly journal. But my real world experience working with data has made me an expert on many aspects of data science.

I guess I feel more like an analyst, but a freakin awesome analyst who can do a lot of things using data that are super important to a business.


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