HR Big Data and Recruitment Analytics – March 28, 2017 in Ortigas

Thinking Through the Box: Aligning Your HR & Recruitment Analytics Strategy

A one-day learning session focused on Aligning Your HR & Recruitment Analytics Strategy and is geared towards teaching how Analytic Techniques can be used to optimize data from across the organization.


  1. To learn analytics techniques that will allow quicker, deeper and more impactful analysis of HR & Recruitment Big Data.
  2. To be exposed to cutting edge technology being used in other companies to build HR & Recruitment business dashboards and design more powerful reports.
  3. To assess the current state of analytics in your HR & Recruitment process and build a strategy to empower the greater use of analytics in your organization.

Session 1: Big Analytic Techniques for Finding the Right Data at the Right Time

  • Describe what is Recruitment Analytics
  • Discuss the current state of analytics in the Philippines
  • Describe the Importance of Effectively Analyzing Big Data in Business Today
  • Enhance communications and data sharing with the marketing team
  • Optimize the use of existing and past employee data Find synergies across company social media sites

Session 2: Key HR & Recruitment Metrics

  • Learn to let go of Recruitment Metrics of the Past
  • Start to use more Recruitment Metrics of Tomorrow
  • Defining Your Key KPIs to maximize value of reporting
  • Tying KPIs from across the business together
  • Unlock the Secrets of Money Ball Recruiting

Session 3: Cutting Edge Business Intelligence, Data Visualization & Business Dashboard Technologies

  • Optimizing Excel for use as a talent pipeline
  • Invest wisely in an applicant tracking system that includes key metrics
  • Utilize BI Tools like Tableau Public
  • Discuss the concept of Data Visualization
  • Build a Business Dashboard Prototype for HR & Recruitment Analytics

Session 4: Winning HR Recruitment Analytic Strategies with Big Data

  • Break down the data silos within your business to maximize shared information
  • Be decisive in the use of your data to align with business strategy
  • Learn to be enchanting with your reporting so maximize impact
  • Become the data cheerleader of your organization

In this session, your organization will be able to use:

  1. Develop analytic techniques that you can use to break down data silos, improve decision-making and ensure a better return on investment from recruitment.
  2. Explore analytics tools like business dashboards and data visualization to improve reporting.
  3. Build a strategy to move your organization from current state to ideal state when it comes to the use of analytics.

In this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Take part in hands on analytics exercises based on real business data to understand how to identify, inventory and integrate HR & Recruitment data into their recruitment processes.
  2. Build a strategy to identify, inventory and integrate data from across the business and align it with HR & Recruitment data.
  3. Build an HR & Recruitment focused business dashboard prototype.

In 90% of companies across the Philippines, data used by HR & Recruitment teams is not blended with data from other parts of the organization.

To ensure success, you have to not just think outside the box, but Think Through the Box to bring together all the data you need to align your HR & Recruitment Analytics with the overall business strategy of your organization. The incentive to align all the data in your business for use in recruitment is paramount to success. HR & Recruitment managers are now more than ever required to demonstrate the return on investment their efforts are contributing to the bottom line.

With that in mind, DMAIPH has created a learning session entitled: Thinking Through the Box: A one-day learning session focused on Aligning Your HR & Recruitment Analytics Strategy and is geared towards teaching how Analytic Techniques can be used to break down those silos and us data from across the organization to drive more impactful decision when it comes to your organization’s overall business strategy.



All rates includes “Putting Your Data to Work” an analytics book especially designed for Filipino Professionals, Training Module, AM/PM Snacks, Lunch and Certificate of Completion.

Early Bird Rate

P 6,000.00 + VAT (Pay the full amount on or before March 14, 2017)

Group Rate

P 6,300.00 + VAT/pax (Minimum of 5 members)

Regular Rate

P 7,300.00 + VAT (Starting March 15, 2017)


Kindly email us your Name, Company, Job Title and Phone Number. With the Subject: Data Analytics Seminar |

You may contact us at (0917)799-2827 | (02) 959-8017

Terms and Conditions

  1. Seminar Registration

1.1 Seminar registration shall be carried out via Sonic Analytics’s Website or the link provided by Sonic Analytics or DMAIPH, by entering the necessary information into the relevant online application form.

1.2 After registration, the following will be e-mailed to the registrants: A) Confirmation email; and B) the Invoice

1.3 Contract for the seminar shall be deemed to be completed upon the receipt of the confirmation email. If a registrant’s application cannot be accepted due to lack of vacancies or for any other reasons, he/she will be informed immediately

  1. Cancelation

Cancelation by the delegate will be subject to cancelation charges as follows:

2.1) More than 15 days prior to commencement of the course: No penalty.

2.2) 6 to 14 days prior to commencement of the course: 25% of course fee.

2.3) 5 days prior to commencement of the course: 100% of course fee.

2.4) Failure to attend course without prior notice being given: 100% of course fee.

Sonic Analytics and DMAIPH reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a Public Course and in these situations every effort will be made to accommodate delegates on an alternative course or refund payment in full.

  1. Payment

3.1 Payment of the full course fee is required within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Failed to do so, the reservation shall be forfeited

3.2 The course fee covers training, venue, training materials, am/pm snacks, lunch and certificate of completion.

3.3 All stated fees are exclusive of VAT


Brought to you in partnership between DMAIPH and Sonic Analytics


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