Looking Ahead To The Most Awesome Analytics Year Ever

A little over 5 years ago my Analytics Story begun.

The first year was all about validating my business plan of being an analytics resource to Filipino schools, companies and to a large number of Filipinos themselves.

The 2nd year was taking the concept, basic analytics training, and getting it in front of a variety of audiences to see what where the biggest needs in the marketplace.

Year Three saw us start focusing on the things that gave me both profit and satisfaction. Trainings for groups of professionals who were hungry to get more analytics into their businesses.

By the 4th year my priorities evolved to firming up the foundation of the business to ensure smooth operations so that I could focus more on what I do best; empowering analysts to use data to drive decision-making.

Last year saw it all come together. Year 5 was all about building a network to take my passion and do much more with it then my small team could take on alone. I trained more Filipinos across a wider range of need then I could have imagined. And yeah, we made a nice profit too. Also got my first analytics book published.

img_7910Now, as I look at year six I see the fruits of our blood, sweat and tears and I see nothing but growth. More and more Filipinos empowered to use data, across an even wider swath of backgrounds and in an ever increasing footprint.

2017 is going to be the most awesome analytics year ever, not just for me. Not just for my business. But for my beloved adopted home, the Philippines.



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