Decision-Making with Data Learning Session with Ariva Events

This coming Friday, March 31, in Ortigas, I will be Data-Driven Decision-Making for Executives, Managers and Leaders. I will focus on proven strategies of data mastery go a long way to becoming a Data-Driven Leader.

This master class  is for you if you feel like you’re drowning in data and unsure which data to use to drive your companies decision-making processes.

Information is supposed to make decision-making faster and easier, but more often than not, it simply overwhelms our ability to accurately use the data we have in our business.

The truth is that the amount of data available to help run your business is greater than ever before. To effectively use this information, exeuctives, managers and leaders must consider the practical side of big data and how best to use it to make better decisions…because what matters to you is how do you grow and build a team to make smarter decisions. Much of the information out there just discusses the promise of the data deluge.

The challenge is not the volume of data but rather the judgment needed to use it. This learning session  is specifically designed for executives, managers and leaders to learn techniqeues that will ensure reliable business decisions can be made based on the massive amounts of data at your fingertips.

Through a series of case studies, exercises and interactive lecture, we will cover the following:

  • Specific skills to effectively frame the problem you’re addressing to uncover key opportunities and drive growth
  • Critical marketing steps of orientation necessary before engaging tools and technology
  • How to simply and quickly amplify decision making by separating the signal from the noise
  • A framework for asking the right questions, allowing the ability to link analytics to business strategy

Attendees will also be able to learn how to do the following things for their team:

  • Learn the best practices for organizing, summarizing, and interpreting quantitative data
  • Create a repeatable process for analyzing your data
  • Bring out patterns in data that were not apparent at first glance
  • Identify and explain tools for data analysis
  • Shorten the time between analysis and action to avoid “analysis paralysis”
  • Know how to get from hard data to well-reasoned conclusions

There are still seats available, contact me at so I can connect with you my events partner, Ariva.


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