Sharing a friend’s article – The War for Talent Rages in SE Asia!

My friend Janette recently wrote, “THE war for talent is real. Companies need to start treating people they recruit similar to responding to customer inquiries or complaints online. The slowness in responding to applicants can be the difference between hiring a highly qualified applicant now or taking only what is left in the market.”

This is one of the points I emphasize in my Recruitment Analytics trainings classes. There are so many ways that a good recruiter can make a difference, but I think the most important is engaging their candidates in a timely manner. If you work with good recruiters, you see that they manage their candidate pipelines very well… they never let them feel like they are in the dark and the recruiters create an atmosphere of approachability.

In short they follow-up often. And the digital world allows us to do this so much easier than ever before.

Janette adds, “Companies should level up and embrace digital at the same level as marketing uses it to reach out to prospects and customers.” They can do this by using the following tools:
> Use websites as a tool not only to attract customers but also prospective employees.
> Use social networking tools to build their digital influence and make themselves accessible online.
> Foster an open communication culture using the various modes of communication we have available.

As one of my best friends and colleagues at BPO Elite, Rachelle explains to me… in the end the most important thing is to find the right person for the right position. To do this you will see good recruiters embracing new technologies and take full advantage of the digital resources available to them.

And of course the best thing about using these digital resources is that they are chock full of analytics. LinkedIn, Bullhorn, Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all offer free analytics tools embedded in the applications that allow you to see who is seeing and following you. For a recruiter, it’s an amazingly powerful way to stay engaged with their candidates because they can see patterns and trends in who they interact with.

For more info on what Janette is up to, you can follow her at


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