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Building a data science team tasked with helping other organizations build data science teams is equal parts dream and demand.

There is a quickly growing need for data science capabilities in the Philippines, but there are few ways for Filipinos to learn how to be data scientists. Almost over night it seems that people are posting job requirements for high powered analytics talent with very little idea of what data science is all about.

Business analytics is just now taking root in academia and being offered as a series of elective classes. Big data is just one class. Predictive and prescriptive analytics are also just one 3-5 month class. Its just not enough.

The big companies who are committed to building their own team are scrambling to find talent in the already hyper competitive BPO industry.

That’s the demand.

DMAI_GrowMoreDMAI_shemac081815 copy

Data science as a discipline is still quite new. In the U.S. and India you are starting to see a significant number of degree programs in analytics and data science. I learned a lot about data science before it even had a name. Analytics is deeply rooted at Wells Fargo and I benefited from being in the right place at the right time to get exposed to some pretty awesome analytics efforts.

This experience unlocked an opportunity to become one of top analytic minds in my adopted home, the Philippines. The opportunity of a life time really. Now I am at a point in the evolution of my business, DMAI, where I need to find 3 people like me to join me in my quest. My quest to help organizations in the Philippines set up data science teams.

I need a dream team. Like the Eath’s Mightiest Heroes the Avengers or the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. the DMAI Data Science Team needs the best of the best who excel in complimenting each other.

We need a big data analyst strong man in the paint, we need a visionary data modeling expert who can create great data models and pass them off to the shooter of the team, the business analyst.

That’s the dream!

It’s time to join the right and be at the forefront of spreading data science across this great island nation so full of potential.

If you feel the call that I feel and are interested then connect with me on LinkedIn and/or send me you resume at ,


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