Q1: To start can you provide us with a basic overview of what is analytics?

Analytics is simply about looking for patterns in data to help answer questions. Most people use analytics within a business to help ensure more data-driven decision making. Businesses that use analytics are generally much more efficient and much more profitable then ones that don’t.

Analytics is generally employed by analysts who are skilled in using certain technologies and methodologies to identify, inventory and integrate large amounts of data quickly. What separates analytics from statistics and data science is generally the speed of the analysis and the focus on solving business problems.

The most common form of analytics is general business analytics that are used by senior leaders and decision-makers to investigate problems, validate assumptions and to guide strategic planning.  Business analysts are therefore the most common type of analyst. However, analytics can be used in an almost limitless number of business functions in specific areas like HR, recruitment, marketing, finance, and so on.

Analysts have been around a long time, but recent technological advances have both allowed us to produce and capture more data as well as give us the ability to analyze immense data sets quickly. Thus we are amidst a huge boom in the applications of analytics and the need for analytics talent across the globe.

Analytics is something just about every business leader is trying to figure out how to use more effectively in their business. As a result, there is a huge shortage of people who are skilled in working with data to answer questions and solve problems. This why you have seen the number of analyst job postings increasing at an amazing rate.

If you are not actively trying to surround yourself with analysts and if you are not infusing an analytics centric culture in your business, you will most likely soon see your business fail.

The Fundamental of Business Analytics – Business Analytics is the application of talent, technology and technique on business data for the purpose of extrating inights and discovering opportuniites. DMAIPH specializes in empowering organizations, schools,  and busiensses with a mastery of the fundamentals of business analytics.  Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to find out how you can strengthen your business analytics fundamentals.


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