My Passion for Analytics > Why I Do What I Do

With each morning, I wake up and feel a renewed sense of purpose.

A new day, another chance to use my brain to solve problems.

Some days it a project for a client, some days it’s a new batch of people waiting to be empowered to do more analytics, and some days it’s a more personal use of analytics to solve life challenges.

We are all in our own ways, analytical. We all use data in our decision-making, even if many don’t really see it. There is so much data in our lives that everyone practices analytics.

But what set’s me and people like me apart is that we are passionate about using data in our analysis. We are constantly looking for new data sources, to validate existing data and find ways to integrate it into what we do.

People like me often end up being analysts by profession. It is a good use of our innate curiosity and belief that just about any question can be answered if you have the right data.

A lot of analysts do seem to be more intelligent and probably more nerdy then many people. That goes with being reflective, taking educated guesses and not being overly emotional when it comes to decisions.

Finding people like me is something I constantly do. Talking about our data and sharing are analysis and partnering with each other to solve problems.

When you have a group of friends like this, you do great things in life. When you have a team of workers like this, you have a data-driven business.

So I talk about my story a lot. How I got to be a great analyst. How I have enjoyed a satisfying career and been successful in business. There are a lot of people who have similar dreams and similar abilities.

They just need to be empowered. To have the curiosity unleased. To be surrounded by people in both life and work that push them to use their analytics talent to do bigger and better things.

When you have the right data, being analyzed by great people, you end up with amazing results.


That is why I love what I do.

That is how I wake up every day with a sense of passion about my ability to make a difference in the world.

If you follow my blog, read my book or are connected with me on social media, then you are probably wondering how to find a conduit for your passion for data and analysis too.

And that means there is a reason to get up tomorrow morning and do it all over again.



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