Why I Know I Can Help

All my life I have enjoyed helping people.

I tutored a lot throughout my education.

In college I set out to be a teacher. To not just help, but to educate.

Being in a classroom was not enough, as I learned the whole world can be a classroom.

As my skills in analytics increased, my ability to help more people make data-driven decisions increased as well.

Now I am at a point where I know a lot about a lot.

Now I have gotten pretty good at sharing what I know in ways that empowers and inspires others.

I have been doing this for several years now.

Talking about analytics, blogging about data-driven decision-making and writing books about how to use analytics.

This is why I know I can help you too.

Everyone needs help finding the right data.

Everyone can use new perspectives on how to conduct analysis.

Everyone benefits from sharing data and analysis to drive a strategy forward or to solve problems.

14285276_10154554275492425_804549674_oBig or small. Old or new. No matter what industry. All companies need to unlock the insights in their data to be successful.

Some do it a lot better than others. A few may actually be so good at what they do that it may seem they don’t need help. But odds are you are not one of them.

Data is everywhere. We all do some sort of analytics. But we never have enough.

Being an analytics champion, striving to help people be better at what they do is what I am all about.

That is why I know I can help you.

Small Business Analytics – The field of small business analytics is just starting to blossom as companies are looking for more data-driven decision-making to prosper in the age of Big Data. DMAIPH is at the fore front of providing analytics training, consulting and outsourcing options to small businesses. Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to set up a free consultation on how to get more analytics in your small business.



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