Become a Data Science & Analytics Pro! Apply for the DMAIPH Apprenticeship Program

A standard definition of Apprenticeship is a kind of job training that involves following and studying a master of the trade on the job instead of in school.

Learning to become an analyst for the most part has been something done on the job.  after working in a company and gaining subject matter expertise, those who had good analytics skills often found themselves going down the analyst career path.

Big Data and technological advancements in analytics processing and data science have changed all that.


Nowadays, there are so many analyst jobs available that the natural order of learning to become an analyst isn’t working fast enough.

Higher education is trying to come up with solutions to offer analytics themed course, a few are already in place. But that’s only training 100’s when industry needs 1,000’s.

SO, to help fill the skills gap between the very finite supply of Data Science and Analytics (DSA) talent and the huge demand in the form of open jobs, we have to get outside the box.

You will see a lot more ideas like the DMAIPH Data Science & Analytics Apprenticeship program coming in the near term.

But don’t wait for the future, get ahead of the game.

Learn the DSA skills you need for a long and profitable career as an analyst.

E-mail me your resume today if you would like to learn more.

I will be taking on a few more apprentices in the coming months as we grow the program to implement APEC’s Project DARE recommended approach to gaining a basic understanding of what it means to be a DSA professional.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Analytics Training – DMAIPH offers a wide range of analytics centric training solutions for professionals and students via public, in-house, on-site, and academic settings. We tailor each training event to meet the unique needs of the audience.

If you need empowerment and skills enhancement to optimize the use of analytics in your organization, we are here to help. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to set up a free consultation to learn which of our DMAIPH analytics training solutions is best for you.


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