The Automation Storm is Coming… is Your IT-BPO Ready?

The number of posts like this one that talk about downsizing in traditional IT-BPO firms are getting more and more common every day.

Some naysayers think statements like this are just hyperbole, “saw their aggregate workforce shrink by seven the same year, highlighting a situation created by a perfect storm of tough business conditions and increasing automation.” But not me. I’m preparing for it.

And then there is this statement… that can easily be talking directly about the IT-BPOs in the Philippines. “This is a war of many battles being fought where smart service providers are aggressively implementing RPA (robotic process automation) into their own operations to drive down their delivery costs and reduce their own headcount. Hence, services providers will be hell-bent on destroying each other and the winners will be those who eventually succeed in winning more work than they lose amidst all the destruction”

I would add to this nationalistic pressures to counter the flow of globalization and “bring jobs back home”.

There are plenty of signs on the horizon that will spell doom for companies that aren’t ready for the coming storm.

Which is where DMAIPH can help.

DMAIPH has successfully set up Filipino analytics teams for over a dozen U.S. based businesses. Offering both virtual and office based teams that specialize in problem solving using data, new technology and analytics techniques is our strength. Finding and empowering analytics talent is increasingly challenging, but we have mastered Surfing Into The Storm and can show you how to succesfully set up a team.

may 17-18

The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics. Blessed with a solid foundation of young, educated and English speaking workforce, companies around the world are look for Filipino analytics talent to fill analytics positions.

DMAIPH was set up to facilitate these solutions and bring the talent and the business together. And that is exactly why I wrote Putting Your Data to Work, the first analytics guidebook designed specifically for the Philippines. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can help you take advantage of this unique global opportunity.



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