Key Analytics Essentials For HR Success

A few months back, I had the pleasure to be one of the resources speakers at the HR Congress. Put on my good friends at Ariva Events Management, the event was at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines.

This HR Congress aimed to provide Industry Updates, Expert Insights, Good Practices and Experiences, and Practical Knowledge; generate thought-provoking and challenging discussions; and encourage professional networking and strategic partnership among stakeholders, if only to further the HR Agenda supportive of the organizational targets.

A primary goal was to cross-examine the major HR Trends quickly moving forward and impinging on the business in developing an effective ‘Employer of Choice’ branding. The Congress also shared how to develop employees to optimize their potentials; and build an emotionally-committed multi-generational team.

The Two-Day Event covered Six Essential Cores in People Management, each one with a tie into my favorite topic… analytics.

1. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Overview of the business environment vis-à-vis the changing roles and functions of Human Resources in general. With so much data now available, its much easier for HR times to decide where to spend their time and focus. Without good HR analytics you might as well be fumbling around in the dark

2. Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Overview of tools and appropriate support structures for administering HR-related information. This aims to impart knowledge and skills in managing information resources to support basic records management and people administration. A reality is that most of us are still using MS Excel to manage talent pipelines and HR data. So learning how to use more cutting edge technology is key to being successful in the Information Age.

3. Employee Selection
Methods of employee selection and concepts in forecasting and identifying competencies; an Interview Guide may be developed that will assist in spotting competencies to match people needs. There is so much competition out there right now. The supply is far outweighed when it comes to top talent. You need to turn lose your business data to help you attract, hire and retain while others deal with massive turnover and low employee engagement.

4. Performance and Rewards Management
Case studies and exercises, concepts in managing employee performance; pay and benefits Learners will be able to hone skills in performance planning, performance assessment, coaching and giving performance feedback. All this generates massive amounts of data that can be turned into valuable insights.

5. Employee Development
Skills in determining employee development needs; different training and development interventions; participants are expected to come up with an employee development plan. It is getting harder and harder to keep good people around. SO, you need to use your data and a good HR analytics solution to make sure you are giving your employees the exact opportunities they demand, before they jump ship.

6. Employee Relations and Well-Being
Equipping participants with the know-how in employee relations including basic labor laws and managing employee organizations. Employee well-being issues such as employee stress and burnout, smoking, and work-life balance will also be covered. This area is often very manual and rarely included in a good analytics solution. That doesn’t have to be the case.

SO, as you can see their in an analytics solution to just about any issue facing HR. In fact, the recruitment and retention of top talent is the biggest challenge facing just about every organization. DMAIPH is a leading expert in empowering HR & Recruitment teams with analytics techniques to optimize their talent acquisition and management processes. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn how to get more analytics in your HR & Recruitment process so you can rise to the top in the ever quickening demand for top talent.

You can also reach out to my key business partner, Ariva Events Management to request an in-house training featuring me as your resource speaker.

What ever you do, make sure you optimize your use of data and analytics in your HR decision-making processes. If you don’t your organization will face a much more challenging path then ones who do.



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