Don’t Let Fear of Technology Doom Your Recruiting Efforts

One of the biggest challenges facing Recruitment professionals across the Philippines (and the world) today is a fear of technology. I hear this all the time when I talk with those involved in recruitment.

We all know recruitment is an expensive and continuous process just as trying to eliminate employee turnover is. Hiring and retaining top talent is the topmost priority for every organization yet few readily embrace the use of recruiting software or applicant tracking systems (ATS).


Given that people represent a company’s most important asset and attracting and selecting the right kind of talent is critical for a company’s successful operation, it is really a no brainer that technology would be a key to success. However, based on both industry research and my own observations, it is the single biggest impediment to successful recruiting in the Philippines.

For some it is a fear of the cost. For others it might be fear of admitting they aren’t very good at embracing technological change. And still others are afraid they will need to rely on someone else to show them how to use the technology. No one is afraid that technological solutions to recruitment won’t help. SO getting past the various causes of apprehension is their biggest challenge.

A good technological solution can connect the dots between you and your candidates. This helps recruiters automate the entire hiring process from capacity planning, career portal, resume management, assessments and interviews, offer management, and extensive reporting and insights into the process.

All in all, you can supercharge your recruitment analytics with the right system to significantly speed up hiring, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of recruiting and employer branding. .

If you know you need an ATS and are ready to explore, I can help you figure out which of the hundreds of products out there best fits your unique need. Not all of them are super expensive and when compared against the cost of hiring more staff to hire staff, ATS’s generally have a much better ROI.

HR & Recruitment Analytics – The recruitment and retention of top talent is the biggest challenge facing just about every organization. DMAIPH is a leading expert in empowering HR & Recruitment teams with analytics techniques to optimize their talent acquisition and management processes. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn how to get more analytics in your HR & Recruitment process so you can rise to the top in the ever quickening demand for top talent.


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