When They Go Low, We Go High

When They Go Low, We Go High

Michelle Obama’s quote from the recent Democratic convention will go down as one of the greatest quotes ever.

And I’ve been thinking about what that quote means for me as an American in the Philippines.

I often talk about why I love the Philippines and how I have so much faith in the Filipino people.

My passion comes from way down deep and is has been unshakeable during my 5+ years of living in the Philippines. Talking about analytics in the Philippines has been the time of my life.

Although there have been bad times. Burned by bad partners, taken advantage of by greedy individuals and flustered by arcane bureaucracy. But they haven’t stopped me.

Because when others go low, I keep going high.

Trying as much as possible to do the right thing. Valuing integrity and accountability over success and profit. These things are the high road.

As a guest in the Philippines, I strive to show appreciation and gratitude whenever possible for the once in a life time opportunity to chase my dream of empowering Filipinos with analytics.

There have been and will be detractors. Roadblocks and hurdles will continue to be a burden. Perhaps even a rift between the governments of my home county and my adopted country may cause more challenges.

But as long as I keep going high when things go low, I will survive.

My faith in the Filipino people has not diminished.

In fact, it has only gotten stronger.

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