“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”… Not In My House!

Often I here people say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The saying is thought to have originated by an American politician, referencing a way to control government spending. Wait until something breaks before spending time and money on something. Don’t waste resources on things that don’t need maintenance or improvement.

I think about that, then I think about my own up bringing. I come from a family of men who are handy with tools. They are builders and tinkers and always using time to maintain and upgrade to prevent things from breaking.

The lesson of taking leaves out of the gutter to prevent a heavy rain from bringing the overstuffed gutter down.

The lesson of taking the time to check your time pressure and replace your break pads before having to go out driving during a storm.

I could make a list 100 pages long of lessons from my Dad and my Grandfather about why its better to fix things before they break.

When I think about this saying and the lessons I learned as a child, I notice I apply them to my business.

I am always tinkering and trying to proactively fix things before they break.

If you look at what separates good leaders from bad, successful businesses from failures…. they fix things before they break.

Waiting for something to break in the end usually costs more time and money in the end.

But, that’s not human nature.

Most people, go with the if it ain’t broke model.

And to that I say, not in my house. Not in the house I built based on the lessons learned from my heroes… my Dad and my Grandfather.

And by the way… the politician who is the one most responsible for this saying… he ended up ruined by a banking scandal and resigned after only a year into office.



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