Being Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

I share a lot of content. Sometimes I post in groups and on pages. Sometimes I speak at conference and seminars. Sometimes I do in-house training and consulting. Sometimes I blog or publish. And sometimes I e-mail.

It is only the last one that I generally get any negative energy from. I send out thousands of emails in the average month to a % of my combined almost 20,000 friends, connections and followers.

My emails are clearly not spam. They are generally attempts to open a conversation, solicit feedback or ask a question. I work hard to make sure they are relevant to the audience and will engage at least a small % of the people I have connected with.

I never send anything to people who have not already agreed to be part of my network. In fact the whole idea of joining a social network is to share experiences, discover new opportunities and add value to the lives of others.

Yet, every so often one of my email is met with a single word. A reply that lets me know my attempt to connect with this person who is already in my network was not appreciated.




Now if this was a purely marketing email that was email blitzed and spammed to a mass audience, then that night be acceptable.

But my emails are thoughtful and I take time in crafting both the message and making sure to the bet of my ability that the audience will benefit from the conversation.


A one word, negative reply mostly like means that the recipient did not read the message. Likely they are too busy, too important or too bothered to take the time.

Some would advise not to take it personally. Just delink them and move on.

But if you know me, you know I do take it a little personal. I took my time to include them in my network and try and engage them. How is that not a little personal?

I am looking for a network of people who actually believe they can do things to make the world a better place. I still have faith in the value of interpersonal connections, even if most people think the point is lost.


When  I get one word replies, it just means I have more networking to do.

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