Writing About Analytics

Writing about analytics is a great way for me to both share my passion and empower people to use more analytics.

It is amazing to me that it is mostly just the big companies investing in data-driven decision-making. The perceived difficulty and cost scare away a lot of small businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are so many cheap or even free analytics applications and software packages out there.

I love to write about the various technologies available to people new to using analytics. I can take some pretty complicated stuff and make it seem much more palatable.

It is also common for older, more established companies that are run in a rather old school way feel that analytics is just too complicated and is probably just a fad that will pass. But harnessing big data (and small data) in and around the business can make the world a easier place to do business in.

I really enjoy sharing some simple techniques and methodologies that even the most old school business owners and leaders can understand. Sometimes they need to see it in a book to really get their heads around it.

Not having people in positions of influence who get analytics is a big problem for a lot of companies. As is not having the right level to talent needed to assure a successful use of analytics. The talent part of analytics is often the hardest part.

So I focus much of my energy on empowering students and young professionals to embrace the various analytics technologies and techniques out there to learn. The need for analytics talent continues to boom. So that is what I write about most.

Being an author, a blogger, a public speaker and a subject matter expert on analytics is simply what I was born to do.

So I keep writing. Everyday I write and blog and speak and share about taking data, analyzing it and presenting it in a way to can positively impact decision-making.




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