HR Predictive Analytics is the Next Big Thing in Talent Management (Mar 28 in Ortigas)

Predictive analytics are a rapidly upcoming trend in Human Resources.

Even though a lot of people talk about predictive analytics in HR, hardly any organizations are really able to tie success in HR with success to the bottom line. By applying predictive analytics to business data, HR should be able to add value as a strategic partner that relies on proven and data-driven predictive models, instead of relying on gut feeling and soft science.

Last year, Towers Watson found that one in three organizations planned to increase spend on their HR function by more than 20 percent, and HR data and analytics tools rated as one of the top areas for investment.

However, just looking at HR data in isolation does not represent the best opportunity to make an impact. In fact organizations today need to be able to use predictive analytics for a wide range of functions, especially to:

  1. Measure employee engagement and workforce perceptions
  2. Predict employee turnover
  3. Predict employee performance
  4. Monitor impact of business interventions

This learning session is specifically designed to provide HR teams with a strategic road map to bring together all the relevant data in a business and to use it to predict successful outcomes. Join us March 14, 2017 in Ortigas. HR Predictive Analytics is just one of the topics we will discuss. Click here for more info >>>


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DMAIPH is looking for a Talent Management Analyst

Job Description for DMAIPH Talent Management Analyst

DMAIPH is looking for an exceptional candidate to fill a very unique role in our analytics training, consulting and outsourcing business.

DMAIPH is an international analytics firm with offices in both the U.S. and the Philippines that specializes in providing analytics themed training, consulting and outsourcing to its clients.

We currently employee over 50 employees here in the Philippines who are assigned to providing customer service, email support and graphic design work for a U.S. based client. This account is a mature account, having been established in 2013.

DMAIPH also conducts analytics training classes facilitated by our President & Founder, Daniel Meyer. Mr. Meyer is an author, public speaker and one of the most sought after analytics experts in the Philippines. Over the past 5 years, Mr. Meyer has trained 1,000s of Filipinos on a variety of analytics topics. We are currently building out a marketing team to grow the training business line.

In addition, DMAIPH has added a new client in January 2017, . This new business line will be the primary area of responsibility for the Talent Management Analyst.

The role of the Talent Management Analyst has two primary functions; (1) serving as an HR Generalist (Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, and Employee Engagement) for the thanksmama and marketing team and (2) using a recruitment approach to marketing and filling seats for DMAIPH analytics training classes.

Job Requirements:

  • At least 1 year of recruitment and/or HR work experience.
  • Experience in the BPO industry is a plus.
  • Four-year degree holder in an HR or Marketing related course preferred, but any undergraduate experience is acceptable.
  • Basic MS Excel skills.
  • A strong interest in analytics; using data to driven decision-making.
  • Experience and/or interest in graphic design a plus.
  • Experience and/or interest in social media marketing a plus.
  • At least an average level of English proficiency.
  • A pleasant attitude and professional appearance.
  • A curious mind. Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate how they enjoy solving problems and looking for innovative solutions.

Job Duties:

HR Generalist (50%) – serving as an HR Generalist (Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, and Employee Engagement) for a team of 10-15 mostly home based employees. Duties include:

  • End to End Recruitment of home based staff for DMAIPH’s outsourcing client, . Thanksmama is a U.S. based online retailer of baby clothes and accessories. Staff working on the Thanksmama account are home based, Web Content Analysts and Graphic Designers.
  • End to End Recruitment of office and home based staff for DMAIPH’s analytics training business. Staff working on DMAIPH marketing include Junior Marketing Analysts, Graphics Designers and Admin/Office staff.
  • Compensation & Benefits, including payroll administration for both the thanksmama and marketing teams.
  • Employee Engagement, including contracts, employee coaching and discipline for both thanksmama and marketing teams. Existing policies and procedures are in place.

Marketing Analyst (50%) – using a recruitment approach to marketing and filling seats for DMAIPH analytics training classes.

  • Directly target connections via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to be invited to DMAIPH analytics trainings.
  • Conduct e-mail marketing campaigns under the direction of the Business Development Manager.
  • Create, post and share marketing content to attract more attendees for public trainings.

Please note that we are not expecting successful candidates to already have work experience in all of these areas. There will be a large amount of training, coaching and mentoring to get the Talent Management Analyst up to speed. Above all else we are looking for someone who is curious, who is flexible and who can take initiative.


  • Starting salary depends on experience, but the position base is 20,000 PHP a month.
  • After probationary period, health benefits and paid leave will be made available (up to 6 months).
  • Additional performance based incentives can be achieved for filling training classes and meeting HR metrics goals.
  • Up to P2,500 in tax-free allowances.
  • Possible 5-10% performance bonus upon normalization.
  • Complete 40 hours of work. This is a full-time job commitment.
  • Annual performance evaluation and compensation increases.
  • Standard employee benefits as mandated by Philippine law.
  • Company lap top and mobile phone may also be provided.


This position is primary home based. There will be a need to go into the field to attend job fairs, DMAIPH training events and occasional conference and workshops. There may also be a need to report to our Ortigas office for meetings and trainings. During the onboarding and probationary period, the Talent Management Analyst may be required to come into the office regularly until they are fully up to speed.


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