Engage The Network

Networking. Why do some many people fail at it? What do the great networkers have in common that make them great? What should you do when your networking efforts don’t produce the results you expect?

Asking myself these questions a lot lately.

I know a lot about networking strategy and have seen the master’s do it well. I have a lot of experience in marketing myself and my business. I have built a strong and recognizable brand. In many ways I am an expert on networking.

Yet networking is not easy for me. I am never really satisfied with my results. I am perpetually adding and creating and sharing. It’s in my DNA. But it’s still not easy.

When I talk about analytics I get energized. The more I talk about analytics the more energy I have to put into networking. Passing out business cards while sharing my story is awesome. Having people tell me they follow my blog and enjoy my writing is super awesome. Being in front of a crowd of curious minds who want to know more about analytics is super awesome x 1000.

So for me to engage my network, I can do a lot in person. But there are so many hours in a day I can devote to that. So engaging via social media is key to building the network substantially. Social media is 24/7 and can attract people who never have a chance to see me in person.

I have a marketing plan for engaging people via personal interactions.

I have a marketing plan based on appearing at events, conferences and schools.

I have a social media marketing plan for sharing content online.

And I have a media plan to build the network through more traditional methods as well.

You have to have these plans written out so people can follow them.

You have to talk about them constantly so people understand them.

You have to measure them consistently so you know if people are engaged with them.

That’s networking. That’s how I do it.

That’s why #IamDMAI

The field of small business analytics is just starting to blossom as companies are looking for more data-driven decision-making to prosper in the age of Big Data. DMAIPH is at the fore front of providing analytics training, consulting and outsourcing options to small businesses.


Aligning a business strategy to drive an organization forward requires a robust analytics solution. Businesses who have good analytics tend to be much more profitable and efficient then ones that do not. DMAIPH has helped dozens of companies in both the U.S. and the Philippines with adding more data analysis in their business strategy. We have joined up with our key business partner PMCM Events Management to showcase our solutions at #TechToniPH in July 2017. Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to find out what we can do to help you align your business strategy with analytics.






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