DMAIPH and Sonic Analytics is looking for a Marketing Analyst/Administrative Assistant

Sonic Analytics is an analytics-centric consulting, outsourcing and training company with teams in the United States and the Philippines. We specialize in corporate analytics consulting, public analytics training and small and medium business analytics outsourcing. We maintain an office in Ortigas, Pasig City.

We are seeking an Administrative Assistant, which is a full-time entry-level business operations position. The position is predominately office based, working out of our Oritgas location. We are looking for a flexible, hard-working and analytics minded individual to take on the following tasks:

  • Prepare Monthly Ledger
  • Meet with book keeper for tax reporting once a month
  • Safe keep Permits, Government Certificates, Receipts and other business documents if needed
  • Update expense and income trackers
  • Act as a POC for any analytics seminar/service related inquiries
  • Provide guidance to interns/OJT
  • Help develop an effective marketing campaign
  • Attend events on behalf of Sonic Analytics
  • Assist with setting-up public and in-house seminars
  • Assist with Payroll

Successful candidates need to meet the following requirements:

  • Previous work experience working in an office environment and/or customer service.
  • Familiar with MS Office, particularly MS Excel.
  • Basic understanding of business analytics and using data to solve problems.
  • Strong internet research skills and knowledge of social media.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Self-motivated and a willingness to learn
  • Above average written and conversational English.
  • A bank account with BPI or the ability to open a bank account


Basic compensation: Base monthly salary is P12,000.

  • – Up to P2,500 in tax-free allowances.
  • – 5-10% performance bonus upon normalization.
  • – Complete 40 hours of work. This is a full-time job commitment.
  • – Regular Hours are 9:30am-6pm, Monday to Friday.
  • – Annual performance evaluation and compensation increases.
  • – Standard employee benefits as mandated by Philippine law.

Interested candidates should send their most recent resume to for consideration.

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Finding Data For A Case Study In Outsourcing

Taking a business projects I did a few years ago and turning it in to a case study exercise for a group of students.

Project Goal – To determine the viability of outsourcing 3-5 engineering jobs (Project Engineer and Draftsman) from the home office in Rotterdam to the rep office in the Philippines.

Current Situation – There is currently a rep office in Makati that has the space to add at least 3-5 engineering jobs. This study will determine if outsourcing these positions will result in cost savings as well as add value to the overall company operations.

This study will provide answers to three questions:

Is Makati an viable outsourcing solution?

What is the average salary for talent in Makati?

Is anyone else outsourcing along similar lines?

Recommendations – We recommend the following actions to ensure the overall success of an outsourcing transition.

  1. Conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis comparing current and future salaries and benefits of staff in Rotterdam and Manila.
  2. Post a job listing to see what kind of candidates apply and screen them as future hires.
  3. Market to OFWs as they return from aboard as they are the most likely pool of experienced candidates.
  4. Contract a local Subject Matter Expert who can be hired as the Team Lead who can take the lead in filling out the staff.

Analytics Outsourcing – DMAIPH has successful set up Filipino analytics teams for over a dozen U.S. based businesses. Offering both virtual and office based teams that specialize in problem solving using data, new technology and analytics techniques is our strength. Finding and empowering analytics talent is increasingly challenging, but we have it down to a science. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn more about how to set up an analytics-centric team in the Philippines.

Act Like a Recruiter, Think Like a Candidate!

I just saw this blog post title on LinkedIn and was really intrigued because one of the central points I made in a Recruitment Analytics training class recently and it was just that. It is a candidate driven job market right now in the BPO/Call Center industry here in the Philippines.

SO, I was hoping to glean some additional insights that I could blog about. However, it was just a link to a whitepaper. Which of course to get the white paper you have to sign up. And once you do that you get 2 pages and you have to then pay a fee to get the full whitepaper. I absolutely HATE this!


Im all for finding creative ways to monetize social media and digital marketing. I’m of with paying for something if it seems to be of legitimate value, but when the call to action hides the whole story it is one of the biggest marketing turn offs ever.

I’d love to see some data to back up the lost opportunity here. How many people don’t subscribe because they are turned off as well. And then is that loss made up for in the ones who do hit purchase? For a recruiting white paper? I seriously doubt it.

Call me crazy, but the best way to make money off of people online is to be transparent and upfront with costs.  Because that builds trust, which builds relationships. Going after money right away just builds a transactional relationship that easily slips away.

Back to my original point… we have entered an era of candidate driven recruiting, meaning we have to go to them not wait for them to come to us. We have to make things personal and have to meet them on their turf if we want to be successful.

So find ways to attract candidates that attract candidates to other things. What’s trending? What’s selling? What’s the big item everyone wants for Christmas? Use that to attract attention.

Once you have their attention then think like they think. They have many choices on where to work. What makes your place special? Why should they pick you? Use that to convert their interest into action.

That’s how I do it in my companies. We are always look for the best and the brightest across our consulting, training and outsourcing lines of business.

HR & Recruitment Analytics – The recruitment and retention of top talent is the biggest challenge facing just about every organization. DMAIPH is a leading expert in empowering HR & Recruitment teams with analytics techniques to optimize their talent acquisition and management processes. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn how to get more analytics in your HR & Recruitment process so you can rise to the top in the ever quickening demand for top talent.

Seven Tips For Marketing Graduates

Next week I will be speaking at a couple of different schools about marketing careers. As always I will focus on marketing analytics and how the most successful marketing efforts are data-driven.

With that in mind , here are my Seven Tips:

  1. Align Your Passions – Find ways to do what you love and all the hard or boring stuff will be much easier to deal with. Build on your passion and everything else will follow.
  2. Show Up Every Day – Can’t see it enough. The business needs you, the customers need you and your team mates need you.
  3. Build Your Network – Always be in a networking mindset. Think how this next person can help you achieve something.
  4. Offer Solutions – Come to meeting with some ideas. Take time to write things down. Do your homework.
  5. Tell Stories – Being able to engage a group of people to take action is the single most important skill that no one really teachers marketers.
  6. Always Have Data – Never, ever, ever base your plan on gut. The data is out there, and if its not then you need to create it.
  7. It’s All About Making Money – In the end, marketing is all about increasing revenue. You need to make the company more money with you and your plan then without it. Its really that simple.


So obviously, there is a whole lot more to it. But each of these tips are things that marketing professionals need to be thinking about every day.

And one more thing… if you don’t already have a network started on LinkedIn, you are already falling behind the pack.

Measuring You Marketing Opportunity

Came across this really cool, yet super simple visual illustrating how to frame your market opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Start with the total available market.


How many people would want/need your product or service?

How large would the market be in $ if every demand was met. What would that look like in terms of total number of product bought or services rendered?


Next determine your maximum market share.

market 2

How many customers can use the product or service?

How many have the money to buy it?

How much can I possible produce?


Now you can build a target market.

market 3

Who am I going to sell to first?

How will I let them know about me?

If I see everything possible to my target market how much would that be?

Sometimes it is the simplest visuals that mean the most.

Doing My Own Market Assessment > Setting Up A Manpower Business

When I first moved here to the Philippines, the business model I set in motion was to set up a recruitment, training and placement business for analysts.

The concept was simple, recruit fresh grads, give them 2-4 weeks of analytics training and place them primarily in the BPO industry.

Three years and a lot of interesting adventures later, I am kind of back where I started when it comes to this idea of upscaling young talent and helping them get their foot in the door as their careers begin.

With that in mind, I am once again doing my own market assessment for the new business venture.

Last time I looked, I saw that the no one else doing analytics themed training and certainly not for the youth. I also saw over 1,000 analyst job posted in and thought it was a no brainer to get into the business of helping fill those slots. So it looked like the competitive landscape was wide open. Three years later there are a handful of schools and private companies offering analytics-themed training. The pie has gotten bigger even though there are more people cooking the same pie.

College and Universities continue to churn out hundreds of thousands of graduates every year. And a nearly equal number of students leave school early because of financial challenges. However, there is a ever widening skills gap between the skill set of these students and the hiring requirements of the BPOs. There is a huge talent pool out there to be tapped.

The BPO industry continue to grow at double digit pace, with more and more requirements for new hires to not only start at entry level, but further up the food chain. Today I just did a search on and there are 1,500 analyst jobs posted in


So, there is still a huge need for a manpower business that supplied an upscale level of analytics talent that higher education and private enterprise has not been able to meet.

This analysis is based on not just my assumption and my experience, but also lots and lots of cold, hard data.

2015 = Game On

So Many Marketing Plans, So Few Successful Ones…

Sharing Another of Seth’s Awesome Blog Posts >

For that new video, or that new brochure, or anything you create that you’re hoping will change minds (and spread):

What’s it for?
When it works, will we be able to tell? What’s it supposed to do?

Who is it for?
What specific group or tribe or worldview is this designed to resonate with?

What does this remind you of?
Who has used this vernacular before? Is it as well done as the previous one was?

What’s the call to action?
Is there a moment when you are clearly asking people to do something?

Show this to ten strangers. Don’t say anything. What do they ask you?
Now, ask them what the material is asking them to do.

What is the urgency?
Why now?

1e08489_SM image

Your job is not to answer every question, your job is not to close the sale. The purpose of this work is to amplify interest, generate interaction and spread your idea to the people who need to hear it, at the same time that you build trust.

You will rarely achieve this with one fell swoop, so be prepared to drip your way through countless swoops until you’ve earned the privilege of engaging with the audience you seek.

And that is the point we need to keep in mind with our marketing efforts… it will take many, many posts and shares and engaged convos to get us to where we need to be!

Start With People Who Already Believe That They Have A Problem You Can Solve

Sharing another post from my blogging idol, Seth Godin.

“It’s much easier to persuade a philanthropist to fund your project than it is to persuade a rich person to become a philanthropist.

Encouraging someone to shift slightly, to pick this instead of that, is a totally different endeavor than working to turn a no into a yes, to change an entire pattern of behavior.

When looking to grow, start with people who already believe that they have a problem you can help them solve.”


To me the most important point is the last one. I see so many business leaders and decision-makers not really understand their customers. Having a solid grasp on the the challenges your customers face and how you can solve them is a key to success.

For all my network marketing friends this is especially true, you really need to make sure your product is something your potential customers really want and need. if not, you either need a new product or a new network of prospects.

If you need help, let us know. DMAI can show you how to optimize your business strategy to offer the right product to the right people.

Start With A Simple Market Assessment

Assessing growth potential in existing or new markets requires some common sense, critical thinking, the right data and solid analysis.

To get started you need to consider if you are asking the right questions when assessing market growth opportunities?

This simple assessment will help a company determine whether to invest time and resources in a new initiative:

• What is the current size of the market?
• What is the potential size of the market?
• How much of the market share do you have now and how much do you want?
• How well does our product fit into the current market?
• Can we create a new market for our product?
• If we are in the market already, what has made us successful and/or what has made us unsuccessful?
• What are the different segments of the market?
• Do we want to compete in all of them or only some of them?
• Who are the competitors in the market and why do customers buy from them?
• What do we need to do to get customers to buy from us?

social media1

Understanding the demographics of your customers and the marketplace, having a clear picture of the competitive landscape around you and having insight into current and potential customers are all things you need before you expand.

DMAI Analysts are available to help you gain a strategic perspective on your market. Let us know what we can do to help.

Social Media Marketing > Who Are Your Influencers?

There is a new buzzword making its way around the internet… influencer marketing. The concept has been around awhile, but I’m seeing it pop up a lot with small business and network marketing in particular.

Wikipedia defines Influencer marketing as a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

In a lot of ways, DMAI is more into influencer marketing then traditional marketing. It’s a given that our niche, analytics outsourcing and training, and our client mode, work being done in the Philippines for US and Philippines based business, is not something you will see on billboards and primetime TV commercials.

The majority of new clients and business opportunities have come to us because of a referral or someone we have targeted directly because they are an influencer.

Influencers can be clients, business partners, industry connections or just about anyone who can speak about you and your business in a positive and knowledgeable way. They also have to be credible. And it helps if they like to talk about things they like.

So who are your influencers and are they being correctly targeted with your social media marketing?

Big questions with important answers.

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