DMAIPH’s Typical Client Profile

I publish and share a lot of content about helping businesses get a better handle on their analytics in order to build a culture of data-driven decision-making. With so many businesses of various shapes and sizes looking to get more out of their data, I get asked a lot what kinds of businesses do we specialize in helping.

In general, I think we can help just about any business with its data analytics, with using data for business decision-making and in building an analytics centric culture.

That said, success often will hinge on a couple of factors.

  1. How is the data acquired and stored? The more structured the data management the easier.
  2. How serious is top level management about using data to make decisions?
  3. Is there a person or a team who really get the theory of how to optimize a business using data?

If all of those are true, it’s a green light for us no matter what the size or type of business.

If 1-2 are true, it is still possible, but we will have to make sure we keep expectation tied to reality.

If none of factors are in place, then I will probably decline the consulting gig. You can save people who don’t really want to save themselves.

Our business plan is to offer analytics solutions in the things we are best at, (1) talking about analytics, (2) consulting on using data in a business strategy and (3) providing data and/or analytics focused, hybrid staffing solutions.

The 3 kinds of businesses we specialize in helping by offering these solutions are

  1. Ready to expand – companies who are about to kick off a period of significant growth in their operations and need data analytics and/or more staff to be successful.
  2. Ready to revitalize – companies who have hit a rough patch and need to better understand where things went wrong and need a road map on how to get back on track.
  3. Ready to launch – start up companies who need to refine their initial business plan based on solid data analysis and/or need staffing solutions to get things rolling.


So although I feel we can help just about any business when it comes to analytics, these are the 3 types of service we offer to our target market. I will detail more about how we go about helping businesses and tell you a story about a company we have helped in the next few blog posts.

Analytics Consulting – As a founding member of Gloabl Chamber Manila, DMAIPH specializes in a variety of analytics consulting solutions designed to empower analysts, managers and leaders with the tools needed for more data-driven decision-making. We have helped dozens of companies get more analytics in their business. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can tailor an analytics solution made just for your unique requirements.


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