The Self-Imposed Ceilings of Two Filipino Friends

I recently had two conversations on FB that happened simultaneously. Its amazing how we can do that now days, be engaged on two (or more different topics) with different people at the same time. But that’s a conversation for another time.

Right now, I want to talk about self-imposed ceilings people put on themselves.

One conversation was centered on being stuck in their current station in life.

The other conversation was about a resistance to embracing non-traditional learning methods.

In both cases, I was in empower mode. Trying to inspire both hope and self-determination to not continue down a path that seems locked in.

I will be the first to admit that as an educated, middle class, straight, white American male, there are few ceilings in life for me to break then just about every other demographic on the planet.

And most likely, my recognition of that at an early age has thrust me forward on a lifelong quest to help others who don’t have all the privilege I enjoy.

I am convinced that the blessing I have enjoyed in life need to be paid back in the form of me trying to uplift others to achieve success in life like I have.


And through a series of circumstances (which feel like a divine plan) I have ended up focusing most of my empowerment efforts in the Philippines. I love working with students and young professionals interested in analytics careers. That is what I have devoted the 2nd half of my life too.

And both conversations are stronger reminders that I am doing exactly what I was created to do.

Holding the ladder, or offering a hammer, or identifying a new approach to breaking through self-imposed ceilings for Filipinos has over the years become my great cause.

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