Analytics in the Philippines: It Either Happens in 2017 or It Might Never Happen

A few years ago the then country manager of IBM Philippines, Mariels Winhoffer, kicked off a project to help push the Philippines towards being an analytics hub for the booming growth in Big Data and the Global Analytics Talent War. That was in 2013.

With 3 factors in play; the world calls outsourcing services of the Philippines, the exponential growth of Big Data the fact that the demand for analytics talent far out weighs the supply; it makes total sense that the Philippines step up and fill the need. Now in 2017 we have not really gotten much closer.

There are some schools offering some subjects in analytics related areas, but its far from being significant enough to meet the needs.

The government has given some attention to supercharging analytics, but the current outlook is not one where we will see enough to propel us forward.

Big BPO companies who are offering analytics as a service have tried desperately to fill seats,  but have generally seen limited success.

Now it seems that most Filipino companies have gotten a grasp of the power of a good analytics team and are trying to catch up.

As 2017 begins, there has never been as much thought about Analytics in the Philippines as there is right now. However, the big question is it too little to late?

To me 2017 will be the watershed year for Analytics in the Philippines. We will either make significant progress towards being both a global hub for analytics and a significant domestic user of analytics or we will find that the opportunity was just too challenging to tackle.

I’m all in on betting on the former… lets make 2017 the year that Analytics in the Philippines became a success story.


Analytics in the Philippines – The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics. Blessed with a solid foundation of young, educated and English speaking workforce, companies around the world are look for Filipino analytics talent to fill analytics positions. DMAIPH was set up to facilitate these solutions and bring the talent and the business together. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can help you take advantage of this unique global opportunity.


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